Symposium of Trending Topics in Internal Medicine Cases (SYMPTOMS) 2021

Symposium of Trending Topics in Internal Medicine Cases (SYMPTOMS) 2021 is an annual event that includes seminars, case workshops, and scientific competitions within the scope of Internal Medicine created to cater to the needs of general practitioners, medical students, and specialist throughout Indonesia. This year, SYMPTOMS is holding a 3-day seminar and a 2-day case workshop. The seminar consists of 9 sessions, namely: Gastroenterology, Hematology-oncology, Allergy-immunology, Pulmonology, Tropical Infections, Cardiovascular, Rheumatology, Metabolic-endocrine, and Kidney-hypertension. The case workshops consist of 8 emergency cases that doctors encountered during their daily practice.

Rangkaian Acara

1. Symposium

The SYMPTOMS 2021 Symposium is an online seminar which discusses various diseases holistically and comprehensively based on the updated Internal Medicine guidelines and evidence. The symposium will be held for three days, comprising eight sessions with a total of 19 compelling, up-to-date topics presented by medical doctors and professors from FKUI-RSCM. There will also be an interactive quiz session with the experts, followed by QnA sessions.

Day 1: 25 September 2021 Day 2: 26 September 2021 Day 3: 2 October 2021

2. Case Workshops

The SYMPTOMS 2021 Case Workshops are online case-simulation workshops containing applicable cases. The event will be held for two days, including eight workshop topics led by expert speakers from FKUI-RSCM. These thought-provoking sessions will invite participants to enhance their clinical reasoning skills and think systematically in handling cases that are often encountered in daily clinical practices.

Day 1: 23 October 2021 Day 2: 24 October 2021

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