Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Student Course Manual

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Student Course Manual

My first exposure to Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) was in San Diego in 1980 while I was a resident. The instructor course was conducted by Paul E. “Skip” Collicott, MD, FACS, and fellow students included a young surgeon in San Diego, A. Brent Eastman, MD, FACS, and one from San Francisco, Donald D. Trunkey, MD, FACS. Over the next year or two, we trained everyone in San Diego, and that work became the language and glue for the San Diego Trauma System. The experience was enlightening, inspiring, and deeply personal. In a weekend, I was educated and had my confidence established: I was adept and skilled in something that had previously been a cause of anxiety and confusion. For the first time, I had been introduced to an “organized course,” standards for quality, validated education and skills training, and verification of these skills. It was a life transforming experience, and I chose a career in trauma in part as a result. During that weekend, I also was introduced to the American College of Surgeons—at its very best.

The Tenth Edition of ATLS continues a tradition of innovation. It takes advantage of electronic delivery and by offering two forms of courses (traditional and electronic) to increase the reach and effectiveness of this landmark course. Just about to celebrate its 40th anniversary and currently used in over 60 countries, the ATLS program and its delivery through the Tenth Edition will continue to foster safe trauma practices for the world at large.

Under the leadership of Sharon Henry, MD, FACS, the ATLS Committee Chair, and Monique Drago, MA, EdD, the Trauma Education Program Manager, along with excellent college staff, we have been able to evolve the program, building on the foundation laid in the Ninth Edition by Karen Brasel, MD, FACS, and Will Chapleau, EMT-P, RN, TNS. The Tenth Edition of the ATLS program takes the finest achievements of the American College of Surgeons and its Fellows to the next level, and ultimately patient care is the greatest beneficiary.



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